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Cost of Galvanizing

What is the cost of galvanized reinforcing?

As a general guide, the cost of hot dip galvanizing typically adds from35% to 50% to the cost of the reinforcement, however this figure does vary somewhat around the world and even in different parts of a country. Many factors influence the cost of galvanizing including the variable cost of zinc, the type, size and complexity of the items being galvanized, the current cost of labor, chemicals and power, and even transport costs.

It is also important to note that outside of touch up on cut ends, there is rarely any repair of damaged coatings needed when using galvanized material. Also, the costs of switching out rollers and blocks, the need for employing special loading and handling equipment and the liability for transport and job site coating damage are all eliminated. Galvanized allows the use of remote staging without damage to the coating, and since the coating is UV stable bars can be stored outside for extended periods with no damage.

With a competitive coating cost and the elimination of numerous indirect expense and headaches, galvanizing can be the cost winner for your project.

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