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All material sold by South Atlantic is produced in US mills. Our standard bar products are ASTM615 grade 60 steel. Other grades and Type 706 steel are available on request. Copies of original mill material certification letters are provided on all orders.

In North America, contractors working with galvanized material will most likely encounter requirements either directly referencing, or based on one of several galvanizing standards. Most common for rebar is ASTM A767 Standard Specification for Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement, which was issued in 1979 by the ASTM 1.05 committee on reinforcing standards and is generally viewed as the 'proper' domestic standard for galvanizing reinforcing bar in the US. As shown in the box below

Domestic use embeds and similar concrete accessories are properly galvanized to ASTM 123 Standard Specification for Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on Iron and Steel Products. You are also likely to see A123 as the specified coating for galvanized welded wire reinforcing mats, although there is a new ASTM standard A1060/A1060M Standard Specification for Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Welded Wire Reinforcement, Plain and Deformed, for Concrete that has been issued for that specific product. The 1060 standard is currently being revised for clarification.

A1060 lists two methods of manufacturing WWR, (1) welding of the sheets which are then galvanized, and (2) welding pre-galvanized wire into sheets. In method 1 the sheets are galvanized to conform to A123 and should have 600 gm2 or more of zinc coating. In method 2, the galvanized wire used to fabricate the mat may be purchased at any the six listed standard wire coating weights, starting at 135 gm2. When the pre-galvanized wire is welded together the coating damaged by the weld is not repaired. Mats manufactured by this method do not meet the requirements of A123 and should not be used if your contract specification calls for WWR galvanized that standard.

Type 1 or Type 2 CoatingA767 lists two coating weights. While there is no guidance within ASTM767 as to when or where each might be appropriate, it is known that coatings above 100 microns in thickness are significantly less ductile, making Type 2 bar preferable for work intended to be bent after galvanizing. The heavier Type 1 coating may also have a cost premium as it requires almost double the amount of zinc as a normal galvanized coating. We will be happy to review your RFQ or other documents if you are unsure as to which Type is required for your job.

A common question is why does ASTM767 specify chromate, and why is it needed? Galvanized reinforcing bar is post treated with a sodium dichromate solution to 'seal' the zinc surface so as to minimize the evolution of hydrogen gas when the zinc comes in contact with a high pH concrete 'pour'. The necessity and desirability of chromating and its effect on bond strength have been debated for several years. Proponents of chromating are concerned that such gassing might adversely affect the ultimate bond strength between the reinforcing and surrounding concrete. Advocates for removal of this requirement point to widespread successful use of galvanized reinforcing without chromate in other countries, recent laboratory tests which indicate it may actually decrease ultimate bond strength, and claim it adds unnecessary environmental impact and costs. This debate is far from resolved, but even though it is being questioned, chromate treatment is still mandatory under standard 767. Contractors, fabricators and galvanizers should not decide to skip it without written approval.

Over time, the chromate film over the zinc surface will be replaced by a film of zinc carbonate as the zinc proceeds in its normal reaction with the atmosphere. Because this reaction is a function of a variety of factors and the timing for it is imprecise, 'aging' is not generally considered a viable alternative where chromating is required.
Should a question arise the existence of chromates may be verified as there is a standard test for detection. ASTM B 201, Practice for Testing Chromate Coatings on Zinc and Cadmium Surfaces will detect chromate on recently processed surfaces. However, this test is unreliable on material which has been galvanized for some time as the chromate coating may have been fully replaced by zinc carbonate film. Since the carbonate film also protects this is usually not a problem.

While South Atlantic does include this step in its process, it is important to note that the use of chromate is not universal in the galvanizing industry. 'Job' galvanizers who focus mainly on structural steel elements have little need for this additional step and many have eliminated the use of chromates in their operation altogether.

South Atlantic packages its reinforcing bar and welded mats in standard bundles and we cannot accommodate requests for partial bundles. All material is sold FOB our plant unless other arrangements are made. If requested, we can obtain quotes from outside trucking companies and provide prepay-and-add service for your order. South Atlantic gladly accepts less-than-truckload orders (full bundles only) but does not consolidate or provide a delivery service.

Requests for credit will be evaluated upon receipt of a completed and properly signed credit application along with receipt of requested information from your references. This may take several days depending on reference response time. Please plan accordingly. Where credit is extended, South Atlantic's terms of sale are Net 30 Days. We will not ship additional material to customers with past due invoices. Disputes or discrepancies must be reported to South Atlantic within 24 hours of your receipt of the material.

If you are purchasing material for use on a state highway project please let you sales representative know, so that we may be sure that all requirements for that particular agency are met in the processing of your order and the proper forms are provided along with the material at time of shipment.

All of South Atlantic's material is invoiced and ship at standard galvanized weights per bundle. It is important to recognize that galvanized steel weighs 6% more than 'Black' steel. Our products are packaged to allow loading of approximately 46,000 pounds of galvanized steel on a truck, or the rough equivalent of 43,200 pounds of uncoated steel. Linear yield per invoice ton varies accordingly, and additional trucking costs may result because of the weight of the zinc.